Dr. Philippa Malmgren

Dr. Philippa Malmgren

DRPM Group

Dr. Philippa Malmgren (@DrPippaM on Twitter and social media) founded DRPM Group, an economic advisory firm, whose clients include investment banks, fund managers and hedge funds as well as Sovereign Wealth Funds, pension funds, global corporations and family offices. She has an especially strong view on the importance of manufacturing in modern economies and cofounded H Robotics which manufactures commercial drones. In 2015 she won the Intelligence Squared Robotics debate that the BBC broadcast to 80m households.

In 2015 she crowd funded her book, Signals: the Breakdown of the Social Contract and the Rise of Geopolitics, raising 249% of her target in 15 days. After becoming an Amazon best seller four times, she was signed by WME as their third economics author after Gladwell and Freakonomics. A near record price has been paid for the book to be published in China in 2016. Her video series on Youtube, Fifty Shades of Economics,