Faisal Nawaz

Faisal Nawaz

Group CEO
Asiya Investments

Faisal A. Nawaz is the Group Chief Executive Officer at Asiya Investments – a middle eastern firm that specializes in investing in emerging Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, India, ASEAN, etc.). Faisal – as a founding member of the executive management team – was instrumental in establishing an investment platform that is now well respected and investor of choice throughout emerging Asia and the Middle East.

He has worked in the industry for the last 23 years in areas as diverse as automotive, aerospace, distribution, logistics and most recently investment management. With a strong technical and business background, Faisal has been instrumental in spearheading several diverse and large-scale research, operations and investment projects that include a large-scale organizational restructuring of a large US based automotive supplier, introduction of specialized friction material to provide necessary torque transmission in high-speed automotive transmissions, implementation of an annual long-range planning (LRP) process, etc.

In the last 10+ years, Faisal has worked in the investment management arena where he was instrumental in evolving a newly established firm into an established “Emerging Asia Specialist” that can count a sovereign wealth fund and several large conglomerates & ultra-high net worth individuals / families as its shareholders and investors.