Gerald Alain P. Chen-Young

Gerald Alain P. Chen-Young

Former Vice President & Chief Investment Officer
UNCF, Inc.

Gerald Alain P. Chen-Young is the Chief Investment Officer for the United Negro College Fund, Inc. (UNCF). Mr. Chen-Young joined UNCF in September 2002 and manages UNCF’s three (3) investment portfolios totaling approximately $1 billion. The largest is a dedicated, fixed-income portfolio representing a special scholarship program created in conjunction with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is managed using an active management strategy of immunizing cash flows, similar to that of a pension plan; the second is a traditional endowment portfolio that is fully diversified across multiple asset classes; and the third is a short-term, treasury-type of portfolio that typically has staggered maturities across a variety of short-term instruments. Prior to UNCF, Mr. Chen-Young spent six-and-a-half years with UBS/PaineWebber, first in institutional sales and then in retail brokering. Before UBS/PaineWebber, he worked in the commercial banking division of Riggs National Bank in Washington D.C., and then briefly as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Economics at York University in Canada. Mr. Chen-Young holds post-graduate degrees in Economics from the London School of Economics (Dip. Econ.) and York University (M.A. (Monetary Economics)), and in Law from the University of Miami (J.D.) and the Washington College of Law (LL.M (Law & Government)). He completed his undergraduate studies in Economics at American University in Washington, D.C. with honors.

Mr. Chen-Young served and/or serves on several advisory boards including Institutional Investor Intelligence Network™, Argyle™, etc. and is frequent chair/panelist on behalf of multiple institutional investor-calibre events both here in the U.S. and worldwide – e.g., Global ARC (Boston, MA.), Opal Endowment & Foundations (Vienna, Austria & Sao Paulo, Brazil), World Gold Council (New York, NY), Institutional Investor, Commonfund