Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi


Jonathan Levi is the founder of HACERA. He is a very hands-on computer scientist, applied cryptographer and a mathematician who over the years specialized in building large scale, mission critical systems that had to be highly available, secure and precise/accurate. Over the last 4 years Jonathan worked with several blockchain technology stacks. Started with Bitcoin, then worked on an innovative Bitcoin exchange (a start-up, with the mission to add smart contracts on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain before Ethereum was launched), then worked on Ethereum (helped to build the first Ethereum class with Prof. Dan Boneh, at Stanford University).

Jonathan is one of the early contributors to Hyperledger, he was nominated to become the first independent maintainer of Hyperledger Fabric back in July 2016 and was one of the two official release managers of Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in July 2017. Hyperledger is now the world’s first enterprise grade, production ready blockchain stack.

Jonathan brings a unique combination of the technical breadth, depth, experience not just technically, but also an experience that is combined with a deep understanding of the market forces, the various regulatory and business environments, combining a very hands-on background in cryptography and almost a decade of working in the financial sector (Standard & Poor’s, Barclays Capital and Goldman Sachs trading desks – working on global quantitative risk management systems).