Peter Fletcher

Peter Fletcher

Managing Director
PHF Capital Inc.

Peter Fletcher is the Managing Director of PHF Capital Inc., based in Canada.

PHF Capital Inc. advises family offices on international investments, asset allocation and family office related issues.

Mr. Fletcher has garnered over forty years of successful international experience that covers a broad spectrum of financial management functions in the trust and banking industry in Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

In addition to holding numerous directorships of investment funds and companies, he has served on various international governments’ financial regulatory bodies and holds the professional designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.

Mr. Fletcher is also founder and chair of the renowned Club B – a non-profit international investment forum for family offices. Club B is devoted to providing authoritative insight on global market trends and asset allocation through its annual events, as well as introducing family offices to one-another to exchange investment ideas in a non-commercial, private and confidential environment.